How important is community involvement?

Some of our most successful SONIC franchisees are deeply invested in their local communities. SONIC’s heritage was not only founded on great food and friendly service, but also steeped in being part of the community. It’s not just the right thing to do; it’s good business. SONIC operators don’t consider community involvement a sales gimmick or a public-relations ploy. They see it as a way to be a good neighbor and to have a positive impact on their communities. Their efforts may include awards to encourage young children to read and incentives to keep older children in school. They also might provide opportunities for fundraisers for school projects or other means of assistance for events in the community.

What products do you sell?

At SONIC we maximize all five dayparts across our BLADE strategy — featuring a strong breakfast, lunch, afternoon, dinner and evening. We sell breakfast food, including breakfast burritos and Breakfast Toasters, and our lunch and dinner items include made-to-order hot and fresh burgers, hot dogs, corn dogs, tots and French fries. In addition, we have a thriving frozen treat and fountain drink business. Our drinks, shakes, slushes and ice cream business accounts for nearly 40 percent of our revenue.

What type of training does SONIC offer?

SONIC offers a 12-week training program that includes eight weeks of restaurant training, three weeks at new store openings and one week of classroom training. Prior to your grand opening, your general manager must be in place and fully trained. All SONIC general managers are certified at a certified training store.

How long does it usually take to open a store?

It typically takes six to eight months to secure a site. Once site selection is complete and construction and build-out begin, it takes an average of 12-18 months to open your SONIC Drive-In franchise. (Restaurants in Southern states typically require a shorter length of time.)

What kind of franchise support does SONIC provide?

  • A comprehensive operations/field training program
  • HR training program — retention tools and resources such as access to online hiring management system tools, online/onsite recruitment materials and onboarding/performance management tools
  • Staff selection training — training on how to attract, select and hire the right applicants
  • Ongoing support from experienced operations, marketing and real estate professionals
  • A national purchasing program to provide efficiencies and optimize economies of scale
  • Product innovation and insights teams that create and track products our customers crave
  • Architectural, construction and engineering consultation and assistance
  • National media coverage via one of the most successful year-round national advertising campaigns in the QSR industry
  • Marketing materials such as radio and TV commercials, newspaper ads, direct mail, coupon books, promotional posters and signage that can be customized for your location

How much money will I make?

We’ve increased our same-store sales dramatically due to innovative menu items, our highly visible national advertising campaign and state-of-the-art support systems that help our franchisees drive larger margins. Our average gross sales per store have increased four years in a row, rising from $1,072,000 in 2012 to $1,246,000 in 2015.

The net profit for each store may vary depending upon size and location and your business ability and efforts. Additionally, Financial Performance Representations can be found in Item 19 of our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). This document will be provided to you once you register on our website and speak to one of our franchise team members.