Creating the Sonic Experience


experience-car2Not to brag or anything, but SONIC delivers the most uniquely cool drive-in dining experience in the History of Ever. Seriously, where else can customers press a big red button and then, minutes later, have delicious food delivered directly to their cars by a friendly, ultra-attentive carhop? Nowhere else, that’s where.

We take immense pride in an experience that we carefully craft and promptly deliver. Truly, it’s an art form. And those who work here are artists, painting sumptuous colors on the boundless canvas of their professional future.

Okay, maybe we’re taking this art analogy a little too far. But we can’t help it. If you’re one of us, you’ll understand.


experience-carhopFact is, people look up to SONIC Carhops. And not just because they bring the world’s best food right to customers’ car windows. It’s because we hire free-spirited and energetic people to do it. Whether you skate, tap-dance, or just walk to your own beat, it takes a certain combination of passion and poise to maneuver a tray full of Cheeseburgers, Chili Cheese Tots and Cherry Limeades across a parking lot.

Oh, yes. It’s impressive. Also, it’s an extra layer of fun on top of a job that’s already über fun.

Where else can you get paid to have fun, enjoy fresh air and experience endless possibilities while listening to your favorite tunes on SONIC Radio? If you are up for the challenge, we highly recommend applying for this rewarding (and did we mention fun?) position.

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