Does SONIC support community functions and charities? If so, how do I request support?

Sonic Corp. and the franchisees that operate SONIC drive-ins are proud members of our community. This pride is demonstrated daily at every drive-in by offering quality food, friendly service and job opportunities for local residents. Locally, our independent franchisees support many charitable causes through sponsorships, fundraisers and events. If you are seeking support for your local non-profit, you may wish to contact the owner of your local SONIC. Donations and/or other means of support are given at the discretion of the independent franchisee. Nationally, SONIC is focused on education and the arts within our home state of Oklahoma. While there are many worthy charitable organizations, we believe we are most effective when we focus our national support on limited causes, in this case arts and education in Oklahoma. Because of this, SONIC is unable to consider other requests for assistance. For criteria, details and procedures of our giving efforts please visit our Community page.

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